Woodfire pizza image
What's with the pizza? Read more about my guilty pleasures below.

My Experience

I’ve enjoyed my career as an Occupational Therapist ever since 2018. Why the career pivot? Simply put, I continued to explore my options and found a growth opportunity in UX Design. I never thought I could make an impact outside the area of healthcare. Discovering that I was wrong, I eagerly pursued UX Design through Designlab’s UX Academy route. I now have the foundation to design meaningful digital experiences.

My Guilty Pleasures

You can find me biking along a trail, indulging in my guilty pleasure of Tetris Battle, and attempting to find the best pizza wherever I travel. There is a tie between two places as my favorite pizza: Juliana's in Brooklyn and Biggie's Pizza in Jacksonville Beach. Even if you're not here to talk work with me, I can talk pizza too.